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    The Village of Channahon is proud to announce the launch of its completely redesigned website. The new website is not only move visually-appealing than the outgoing site, but is completely reorganized and searchable for faster access to the information residents and businesses need. In addition, some features formerly contracted to third-party companies are now built directly into the new site. The removal of these costs completely offset the price of site redesign and brings savings to taxpayers.

    Further, news and information will now be dynamically updated on a regular basis. Printing and postage costs of the former newsletter will be saved, while residents and businesses will receive more-timely updates throughout the year. Programs to deliver news updates to those without internet access are being established.

    The “Channahon Action Center” of the former website has been terminated. Direct contact with Village staff, via contact forms, will replace the outgoing system. Some needed modifications to the final contact forms has made them unavailable at launch date, but they will be released shortly.  In the meantime, a generic contact form is available.

    Please “pardon the dust” as post-launch improvements are made to the site. The site will continue to be developed and improved as the site goes forward. The Village of Channahon encourages users to leave feedback with problems, suggestions and comments by email to [email protected].

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