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    ExxonMobil Refinery Release



    **At appx. 09:00 on Friday, 10/19/12, an incident occurred at the ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery, 25915 SE Frontage Road, near Elwood, IL.  The incident involved the actuation of relief valves that released crude oil hydrocarbon by-products into the atmosphere.  The release itself was brief in duration.  The material was carried by the wind in a northeasterly direction from the refinery.  The oil deposited onto the ground.  Some reports indicate oil deposited as far as IL-53 and Schweitzer Road.  Odor complaints have been reported as far as Cook County.




    **ExxonMobil industrial hygiene specialists advise that the oil poses no health, inhalation, or flammability hazards.  The odors can pose a nuisance, but not a hazard to health.  ExxonMobil and fire department personnel have been surveying the areas downwind from the refinery to fully assess the areas impacted by the oil.


    **A number of students at Wilson Creek Middle School began complaining of headaches and odors appx. mid-morning.  Manhattan Fire District and an industrial hygienist from ExxonMobil took air readings at the school, which were negative.




    **The Will County Sheriff’s Office and Will County Department of Highways have closed Arsenal Road between I-55 and Baseline Road due to the hazard posed by the oil combined with today’s rainfall.  Attempts to sand the roadway have had limited effect.  ExxonMobil Refinery, in coordination with the Will County Department of Highways, is arranging for a street sweeping contractor to continue efforts to clean the roadway.  Arsenal Road will remain closed until further notice


    **The I-55 exit and entrance ramps to and from Arsenal Road remain closed by Illinois State Police and Illinois Department of Transportation.




    **Illinois EPA and US EPA have both been advised of the incident.  ExxonMobil reported the incident to the Will County Emergency Management Agency, Illinois Emergency Management Agency, and National Response Center shortly after the release occurred.


    **ExxonMobil has established a toll-free hotline to field inquiries, complaints, etc.  The number is 877-511-1012.  ExxonMobil has arranged for semi-trucks to be washed at A&R Transport, located at 2223 Empress Road, Joliet.  The cost will be paid directly by ExxonMobil.





    ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery

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