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    The Village of Channahon would like to invite our residents and friends to submit seasonal scenery photos for use on our website ( and/or any publications the Village may produce. The goal is to provide the Village of Channahon an image library with which to keep the website fresh, interesting, and up-to-date in appearance. In addition, it will provide residents and friends of the Village of Channahon a place to share their photographs.

    Images should be of significant size and quality for publishing. Images may be re-sized,  cropped, or otherwise edited to fit needs. By submitting an image, you will grant all license use rights to the Village of Channahon to display, distribute, publish, or reproduce the image. Content of images should be of places, events, or scenery located within the Village of Channahon. Images should not contain identifiable persons without their permission. To keep the program manageable, please limit image submissions to 5 per month, unless prior exception has been granted. Submittal of an image does not guarantee its use.

    Images displayed on our website will have the name of the submitter, (and photographer if different and provided) displayed on a to-be-created Image Gallery Page that will be found on Providers of images will be kept anonymous by request.

    Questions and submissions may be sent by clicking the link below, or emailing [email protected].

    Submit Images

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