Village of Channahon

    Electric Aggregation Update

    CHANNAHON RESIDENTS, now that the electrical aggregate program has begun, it would appear that several residents were not included in the Commonwealth Edison customer list which was submitted to First Energy, and therefore were not included in the original notification of the program’s beginning. If you are one of those who did not receive any notification from either ComEd or First Energy explaining the switchover or the aggregate program and would like to join, you may do so simply by calling First Energy at (866) 636-3749 and explaining that you were overlooked in the original notification and would like to switch over. We have been assured there will be no costs, and you will be included. Just as a reminder, the current ComEd rate for delivery is 8.32 and participants of our aggregate program will be paying 4.83.

    If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Village Administrator Joe Pena at the Village Hall (815) 467-6644.

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