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    Channahon Establishes Emerald Ash Borer Action Plan

    EAB Damage to Ash Tree

    Based on data provided by the tree survey performed in the fall of 2012, the Village of Channahon Tree Board has established and Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Action Plan for dealing with the destruction of Ash Trees by this invasive insect. The Village of Channahon Board of Trustees adopted the plan in April of 2013. The action plan addresses the systematic targeting of Ash Trees for removal, beginning with those that are a hazard and those in the most-unhealthy condition. Unfortunately, nearly one-third of all parkway trees in Channahon are Ash Trees.

    Full details of the removal program, and subsequent replacement program may be found in the EAB Action Plan.

    The EAB Action Plan may be found here

    If you have questions regarding this program, your specific Ash Trees, or need to report a dangerous condition, please contact the Village Hall at 815-467-6644.

    Below is a map displaying the results of all Ash Trees Collected by the Village of Channahon Tree Survey in the fall of 2012. We recommend opening it in a larger map, so you may more-easily zoom-in and click on trees for information.

    View Channahon Ash Trees in a larger map

    (The map above can be slow to load on some browsers, and may be best viewed by clicking one of the larger map links above).

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