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    Water-Efficient Landscaping

    With the summer months now upon us, consider the use of water-efficient landscaping in your upcoming garden projects.  Water-efficient landscaping offers multiple benefits, beyond a lower water bill:

    • Lower water bills from reduced water use.
    • Conservation of natural resources and preservation of habitat for plants and wildlife such as fish and waterfowl.
    • Decreased energy use (and air pollution associated with its generation) because less pumping and treatment of water is required.
    • Reduced home or office heating and cooling costs through the careful placement
    of trees and plants.
    • Reduced runoff of stormwater and irrigation water that carries top soils, fertilizers, and pesticides into lakes, rivers, and streams.
    • Fewer yard trimmings to be managed or landfilled.
    • Reduced landscaping labor and maintenance costs.
    • Extended life for water resources infrastructure (e.g., reservoirs, treatment plants, groundwater aquifers), thus reduced taxpayer costs.

    Take a minute to read this brochure from the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency about how to best utilize water-efficient landscaping in your garden and yard projects.


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