Village of Channahon

    Spraypatching Taking Place July 11th-19th

    Truck Applies Spray Patch to Road Surface

    Spraypatching is a process of spraying an asphalt emulsion mixed with stone chips with additional chips added on top followed by rolling.  Note: rolling typically takes place only on streets with curb and gutter.  This method is used to spot treat excessive cracking and/or rutted portions of streets to prevent those areas from loosing large chunks of surface pavement (potholes) and holding water.  It is a band-aid for severe surface distresses to prevent more severe problems until pavement reconstruction can take place.  Spraypatched areas are open to traffic immediately following application.

    Spraypatching is messy when first applied.  Excess loose chips will be present and some chips may stick to tires.  Street sweeping will take place sometime between a few days or a week after application to allow traffic to further embed the chips into the asphalt.  While initially messy, traffic will typically flatten and smooth out treated areas to a condition of as-good or better than adjacent untreated areas.

    Working hours will be weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  The Village would appreicate patience if spraypatching work takes place in your area.  Please contact Don Kinzler, P.E., Engineering Project Manager with further questions at 815-467-6644.

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