Village of Channahon

    Warning: Electricity Scams in Illinois

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    The Village of Channahon recently received this notice from the Northern Illinois Municipal Electric Collaborative [NIMEC] about potential scammers being active in our area.

    Please let your residents know that scammers that have been active in Texas have recently been spotted in Illinois.

    Scammers in Texas employing a disconnection payment dodge to scam customers out of money are increasingly threatening victims with disconnection by using the name of the local utility (ComEd).

    Under the disconnection scam, scammers call customers and threaten customers with disconnection of utility service, unless they receive immediate payment, typically through some untraceable, non-refundable method, including Visa or other prepaid cards, PayPal, and/or wire transfers.

    Since the scammers must threaten disconnection, the earliest examples of these scams used ComEd’s name in threatening the customer.

    If one of your residents get such a call or has questions, they should hang up and place a call directly to ComEd to confirm the disconnection. Should additional questions arise, they can always call NIMEC at 1-800-727-3820.

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