Village of Channahon

    2014 Spring Tree Sale

    Redbud Tree


    The Deadline to order is April 18.
    Payment must accompany each order.
    Make checks payable to the Village of Channahon and return order form with payment in the utility payment drop box or by mail to:

    ATTN: Tree Sale
    Village of Channahon
    24555 S. Navajo Drive
    Channahon, IL 60410

     Deliveries will be made on April 24 & 25 weather permitting.
     Please mark trees location with marker, stake, or pre-dug hole.
     Hole should be 36” W x 18” D.
     Do not plant too deep, setting at or 2” above growth line.
     Provide water weekly when dry, do not over water.
     When planting, remove strings, cut burlap off on top, and leave wire.
     Crabapple leaves will be sparse the 1st year.
     50% Guarantee for 1 year with proof (on site verification).
     Please Call J.U.L.I.E before digging.


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