Village of Channahon

    Free Electronic Payment Option for Utility Bills

    You may enroll to have Utility Bills automatically deducted from your checking account with no cost or fees.  To enroll in automatic payments, you will need to complete the form below, and attach a voided check from your checking account.  Completed forms may be returned to the Village Hall.  All Village utility customers can be part of this program that eliminates having to write checks, mail in stubs, or worry about payments arriving on time.  The full amount will be automatically deducted on or around the 28th of every month.

    -Link to Auto Pay Enrollment Form-

    If you elect to pay electronically each month using the Illinois ePay site, a fee will be assessed.  The fee varies depending on the amount of payment, and may be found on the Illinois ePay schedule, linked below:

    -Link to Fee Schedule-

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