Village of Channahon

    I-55 & Route 6 Interchange Reconstruction

    The reconstruction of Interstate 55 and U.S. Route 6 (Eames St.) is slated to begin in spring 2015. The scope of this project includes widening the bridge overpass, relocating 3 frontage roads, updating ramps, and improving many other aspects of modernizing the interchange area. The attached IDOT letter (below) describes the project in its entirty, and Exhibit A shows the entire project location.

    IDOT letter images_Page_1IDOTExhibitsI55Rt6_Page_1







    The project will be done in 3 separate parts:



    Part 1: Overpass Bridge Widening, SW ramp, SE ramp & NE ramp. The overpass bridge will be six (6) lanes wide, accommodating 2 lanes of traffic in each direction, plus turn lanes. Anticipated contract letting: Winter 2014.






    Part 2: Relocation of the frontage roads east of I-55. These will be moved away from the interchange to reduce traffic congestion. Route 6 east of I-55 will be widened and improved. Anticipated contract letting: Summer 2015.






    Part 3: Relocation of the northwest frontage road to meet at a signalized intersection where the southwest frontage road is currently located. Improvements and widening will be made to Route 6 west of I-55 at this time. Anticipated contract letting: Summer 2015.

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