Village of Channahon

    CRF Asphalt Seal Coating Expected to Begin May 18th

    The Channahon Road Management Program utilizes several preservative treatment methods to protect asphalt surfaces and extend the useful life of the pavement. Asphalt preservation treatments take place at the pavement surface and do not structurally disturb the pavement. They protect the uppermost pavement layer from deterioration caused by weather and freeze/thaw cycles. Asphalt preservation is very inexpensive as compared to structural repairs such as resurfacing and reconstruction, while adding years to a road’s life cycle. Preservative treatments are also far less disruptive to residents than structural repairs with a few hours of inconvenience compared to several weeks with resurfacing and reconstruction.

    One such treatment is the application of CRF asphalt sealer & rejuvenator to a roadway’s surface. A contract for this work was awarded May 4th to Corrective Asphalt Materials. Work may start as early as May 18th and is expected to be completed no later than June 19th. The sealer is applied with a tank truck followed by sanding for traction. The sealer typically cures (dries) in 2-6 hours.

    Working hours will be Tuesdays thru Fridays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Parking on roadways is not allowed during working hours. Traffic will also be prohibited from traveling on freshly applied sealer, sand, and during curing times of 2-6 hours. However, at least one lane of traffic will remain open to two-way traffic. To avoid tracking sealer onto driveways and sidewalks, the Village asks that you plan to park on alternate streets and avoid accessing your driveway during working hours.

    Streets to receive CRF work this year are shown on the attached list. A hand delivered notification will be provided to residents 24-48 hours in advance of work on their street.

    The Village would appreciate patience if asphalt seal coating takes place in your area. Please contact Don Kinzler, P.E., Engineering Project Manager with further questions at 815-467-6644.

    To view the CRF overall locations map, please CLICK HERE.

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