Village of Channahon

    CRF Asphalt Seal Coating- UPDATE

    All roads have been treated with CRF, sanded and have received their first sweeping/vacuum. Yesterday, June 10th, areas with displaced product received an additional light sanding. The next sweeping is expected to take place June 24th and/or 25th, depending on weather Please try to park in driveways on those days.

    Regarding complaints associated with this year’s CRF application:

    The CRF process is applied during spring and fall months as cooler temperatures accelerate curing and ‘tightening’ of the product within a couple days. However, our current unseasonably high temperatures (72° is Channahon’s average for June) are causing the CRF to take longer to cure and tighten up. Last year’s CRF project, applied in fall, did not experience these issues.

    This has resulted in CRF displacements where vehicle turning movements occur; such as in front of driveways, at intersections, and at the ball end of cul-de-sacs, while main line travel lanes remain intact. As a result, for the next few weeks the Village respectfully asks our residents to restrict vehicle turning movements when completely stopped, and to reduce speed for tight turns.

    We apologize for this inconvenience and would like to thank our affected residents for their continued patience. All future CRF projects will take place during fall when there is less chance of extended heat waves.

    Misunderstandings associated with this year’s CRF application:

    • Some residents in the Meadowlands and Cherokee Ridge subdivisions have asked why their roads were not darker (black) and with less and finer sand like they saw applied to Navajo Drive two years ago, and in Town Center last year. That is because those road surfaces were much newer and so were treated with GSB-88. The contractor who sells GSB-88 is very clear that their product is not for older pavements and would offer little benefit other than looking pretty for a couple years; while CRF is specifically designed to be used on older asphalt pavement.
    • CRF is not a structural improvement, it is a preservative treatment intended to extend the life of the pavement. CRF’s function is to fill in voids around larger aggregates in the asphalt surface resulting from the loss of fine aggregates over the years, to seal minor cracks, provide an additional wearing surface, protect the surface from sun and salt damage, and to better convey water runoff to the gutter and storm sewer or ditch. This can be seen in the smoother asphalt surface following treatment.

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