Business Retention & Expansion


1. Business Retention & Expansion Survey
2. Additional Resources for Businesses

The Village of Channahon and Channahon Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) are working in partnership to implement a Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) Project. This project is designed to stimulate economic development and growth by identifying the needs of Channahon’s existing business community. An engaged local business community is a key element to the success of this endeavor, and the Village of Channahon and CEDC are inviting all local businesses to participate.

The BR&E Plan is part of Channahon’s extensive economic development efforts that incorporates the retention and expansion of Channahon’s existing businesses, along with the attraction of new business.  The key element to this BR&E plan is a survey designed specifically to identify the needs and provide valuable information for and about our existing business within one or more sectors. The BR&E survey covers many topics such as, company background, products/services and market, workforce information, technology, utility services, community amenities, and other issues or concerns.

Resulting BR&E data will indicate the future plans/needs of local businesses and how businesses view the community’s overall business climate. In turn, this information will be used to respond to individual business needs and to plan for future economic development initiatives. Initial data will be reviewed immediately for any “red-flag” issues or requests for further assistance. Once all the surveys have been collected and analyzed, the Task Force Team will formulate a report of the findings and recommendations for future development efforts.

1. Learn of the future plans of the region’s local businesses with respect to expansion, relocation and /or retention and follow-up where assistance can be provided.
2. Demonstrate the community’s pro-business attitude and develop an effective means of communication with local businesses.
3. Detect and retain businesses with “red flag” issues, that may be planning to close, move, sell or expand to another location outside of the Village.
4. Identify and implement improvements to community services and communication.
5. Build community capacity to sustain growth and development.

To make this project as effective as possible, the process will begin by selecting a random sample of businesses from each industry sector. These randomly selected businesses will be asked to participate in a business visit and a face-to-face interview. Businesses that are not selected for a visit are still urged to take this opportunity to share their views and to contribute to the pool of data that will be compiled together and analyzed to detect key findings and recommendations.

The BR&E surveys can be found above, at Channahon Village Hall or sent in the mail. Please fully complete surveys and return to Nicole Norris at Channahon Village Hall, 24555 S. Navajo Dr. Channahon, IL 60410.  If your business was not part of the selected random sample, but would prefer a face-to-face interview, you may contact Nicole Norris via email at [email protected] or by phone at (815) 467-6644. All individual information and comments will be CONFIDENTIAL, but the aggregated data will be invaluable to identifying the issues, needs and future plans our existing business community.