Emergency Communication


The Village of Channahon is part of the Will County Enhanced 911 Emergency Telephone System.  Every telephone in the Village is programmed into the 911 computer so that when a call comes into the dispatch center, the address of the telephone appears on the screen.  If the caller is unable to speak or does not know the location from where he or she is calling, the dispatcher can still send emergency personnel to the scene.  Please be sure to make your house address numbers clearly visible from the road.

Is Your 911 Information Accurate?

If you are a new resident or have a new phone line installed, you are encouraged to test the enhanced 911 phone system by calling 467-2112 and informing the dispatcher that you will be testing 911 from your phone. You can then test the system when prompted.  If 467-2112 is not called before testing, the dispatcher must, by policy, dispatch a police officer to your location. During this test, your name and address will be checked for accuracy.


At this time, cell phones and voice over IP devices do not provide the dispatch center with name, address or location.  Only land line phones should be tested.



The Village of Channahon utilizes the Nixle Service to send out important information by text-message to registered users.  “Nixle’s mission is to enable government agencies, small to medium size businesses and enterprise-level organizations to communicate in a secure way and exchange multimedia content over a trusted mobile platform.”

To sign-up to receive alerts by the Nixle System, visit the Emergency Contact Page.

Reverse 911 Notification

No one wants to think about emergencies such as natural disasters or industrial accidents in our community. But emergencies happen, and being prepared is always the best approach.

That is why Will County 9-1-1, Will County Emergency Management Agency, along with several Industries in Will County have teamed up to provide an enhanced emergency alert system for your neighborhood. The SmartMsg interoperability platform will be used to notify you that an emergency exists in your neighborhood regardless if you are home through the devices you own (email, pagers, or cell phone text message), even a voice message on your home phone.

The Emergency Alerting System is a supplemental warning system, backing up effective methods already in place such as sirens and Emergency Broadcast System/Emergency Alert System (EBS/EAS).

In the unlikely event of an emergency affecting your neighborhood, you may first hear sirens. In some cases, you won’t hear a siren, but in either event you may receive a computerized telephone call or text message, page, or email from local emergency officials. The message will be about the emergency and what actions you should take (including shelter-in-place or evacuate).

To register your mobile devices or unlisted telephone numbers, please visit: https://willcounty.smartmsg.com/


Channahon Incident Notification Network (INN)

The Channahon Incident Notification Network (INN) was established to formalize the process in which the Village and public are notified of industrial incidents that have the potential for an off-site impact.

Through this process all parties have agreed that an off-site incident is any incident that has the potential for off-site impacts.  Examples include odor, flaring, noise and any other component of the industrial process that may cause a health concern to the general public.

Once it is identified that an incident may have the potential for a significant off-site impact, the Village of Channahon will notify the public through the following means.

A message with instructions will be placed on the Village’s INN Hotline at 815-467-8388.  This allows the public to phone INN to obtain immediate information on an incident.  In addition, this makes the general public an important part of the overall process.  As an example, there may be no information on the INN line.  This would be a trigger for the public to contact emergency response authorities.  The emergency contact information will be available on the “INN” hotline.

An INN alert, with instructions for the public, will be sent to the local radio stations. An alert with instructions will also be posted on the www.channahon.org web site and transmitted on the Village’s Cable Access Television Station Channel 6.

Questions regarding the “Phone INN” Program can be directed to the Village Administrator’s Office at 815-467-6644 or the Police Department at 815-467-5152.


Community Relations E-mail List

The Channahon Police Department maintains a list of e-mail addresses to keep citizens and local businesses informed of community activities.  To be a part of these e-mailings, send an email -containing your email address- to [email protected]


Will County Sherriff’s E-mail Alert System


To sign-up you will need a valid email address. You will also need to know if your email provider accepts html emails. If you receive emails with pictures in them, then you can receive html emails. If not, please be sure to check Plain Text emails.

When you sign-up you need to choose what township you live in. You will also have the opportunity to choose to receive our Quarterly Newsletter, Special Events information, and Most Wanted information.

When you sign-up you will receive an activation email. Please click on the link provided to activate your account. If you do not activate the account within a month, you will be removed from the list.

In the following emails, there will be a link at the bottom of the page that will allow you to change your preferences or unsubscribe. You may change your preferences / unsubscribe at any time.



Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is a not-for-profit organization that offers anonymity and cash rewards to persons who can provide information leading to the arrest and filing of criminal charges against felony crime offenders and to the capture of fugitives.  Callers are provided with a secret code number, which is used in any subsequent transactions.  Calls are never taped nor is caller ID used.  The toll free number for Crime Stoppers of Will County, Inc. is 1-800-323-6734.  Grundy County Crime Stoppers can be reached at 815-942-9667.

Channahon Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

The Channahon EMA is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the Village in preparation for and in response to major emergencies and disasters.  The EMA maintains an Emergency Operations Plan, provides and supports an Emergency Operations Center, and develops and operates a community warning system.  A part-time coordinator heads the EMA.  The coordinator is responsible for the administration, training, and operation of the agency.


Will County Emergency Management Agency (WCEMA)

The Will County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for coordinating emergency and disaster response services within Will County.  More information on the EMA can be found on its web site at www.willcountyema.org.


Illinois State Police Sex Offender Information

The Illinois State Police provides an online listing of sex offenders required to register in the State of Illinois. The database is updated daily and allows searching by name, city, county, zip code, compliance status, or any combination thereof.  http://www.isp.state.il.us/sor/



Air Pollution Reporting

Citizens may call the Illinois EPA-Bureau of Air at 847-294-4124, this office is in DesPlaines, IL.  Citizens may also call the police non-emergency number at 815-467-2112, and an officer will go out and investigate the odor.  Complaints must be made when the smell is occurring, not a day or so later.