Request Public Record

Executive Assistant/Deputy Village Clerk, Leticia Anselme is the Village’s Freedom of Information Officer.  All requests for public records shall be made in writing to the Village Administrator or one of the designees listed below. 


Village Government and Administration: 
Leti Anselme
Deputy Village Clerk
24555 S. Navajo Drive
Channahon, IL 60410


Phone: 815-467-6644
Fax: 815-467-9774

[email protected]


Police Department: 
Adam Bogart
Deputy Chief

24555 S. Navajo Drive
Channahon, IL 60410 


Phone: 815-467-5152
Fax: 815-467-9300


Form of request:

All requests must be in writing.   Attached is the Village Request for Information Form for your convenience.  


The fee for the reproduction of a public record is determined by the State of Illinois Freedom of Information Act.  The first 50 regular size black and white copies are free.  Irregular or color copies may have a charge of up to 15 cents per copy and electronic records may have charge not to exceed the cost of the method of delivery (i.e. CD).

Records immediately available:

The following are public records that are available immediately upon request:  Ordinances, resolutions, agendas, minutes, agreements, budgets, and maps.  Please allow for a reasonable amount of time to assemble.  Many of these documents are available online at: