Channahon Fire Protection District

The Channahon Fire Protection District and the Minooka Fire Protection District serve the Village of Channahon. The Channahon Fire Protection District serves about 11,079 residents within 40 square miles. The District has two staffed stations. Station Number 1 is located at 24929 S Center Street, and Station Number 2 is located at 23341 W McClintock Road. These stations are staffed 24/7 with Firefighter/Paramedics. 

Primary services include fire suppression and emergency medical response, however, due to the complex hazards of water rescue and industry, specialty teams such as C.A.R.T. (Combined Area Response Team) and Water and Dive Rescue are maintained and active within our mutual aid agreements. In addition, the fire district has entered into several automatic aids and mutual aid agreements within our MABAS group to broaden the available resources and establish rapid deployment to various emergencies. 

Minooka Fire Protection District

The Minooka Fire Protection District serves the Grundy County portions of the Village. 

The District is comprised of:

  • A full-time fire chief
  • A Deputy Chief
  • A full-time Administrative Assistant
  • Ten career firefighter/paramedics
  • Nine contract firefighter/paramedics
  • 25 part-time/paid-per-call Firefighters and EMS personnel
  • A full-time public education instructor
  • A part-time fire inspector

Insurance Service Office Rating

Often times insurance companies and residents inquiry as to what the Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating for the Village of Channahon that is protected by Minooka Fire Protection District; the ISO rating for the Village of Channahon is a Class 3. The headquarters for the Fire District is located at 7901 E Minooka Road, Minooka. Station Number 2 is located in the Village limits of Channahon and is a public safety building shared between Minooka Fire District and Channahon Police and is located at 28200 Route 6. The non-emergency number for Minooka Fire Protection District is 815-467-5637. Due to a significant number of variables, please contact your insurance company to find the ISO rating of a particular address.