Memorial Tree Walk

In 2011, the Village of Channahon opened the Memorial Tree Walk to provide an opportunity to memorialize family and friends by planting a tree in their memory. Each tree will be marked by a plaque indicating the type of tree, the person in whose memory the tree was planted and by whom. The tree then becomes a living tribute which will last for generations.

The second purpose of the Walk is to provide a place for residents to stroll down shaded paths and observe the growth habits of trees known to do well in our area. As the trees mature, the Walk will then become a small arboretum to be enjoyed by the public. The Village has set aside the northeast corner of the Channahon Municipal Center property for the Walk.

Tree Choice

There are many species of trees from which to choose. Each variety of tree has been designated for a planting site along the Walk to ensure the best light and water standards for that species. Pricing of a tree varies by the species of tree selected and the market conditions at the time of its purchase. Trees purchased will be a minimum of 2 inches in diameter.

Planting & Tree Care

The purchase and planting of a selected tree will be arranged by Village staff, along with placement of the plaque. The long term maintenance and tree care will also be provided by the Village. It is the Tree Board’s hope that over time as the trees begin to mature, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy a stroll through the shaded paths created by these trees and be thankful for those who have chosen to remember their loved ones through a gift of nature.

If you would like to purchase a tree download the Memorial Tree Walk Flyer and Order Form (PDF) or pick one up at the Village offices.  Questions regarding the tree walk can be directed to the Village Hall at 815-467-6644.