Community Board (TV)

The Channahon Community Board provides information via Channel 6 on Comcast television service regarding events throughout the community. This channel is also available to AT&T U-Verse customers by navigating to the local government channel. 

Information Provided

Information on the Community Board includes:

  • Regular business hours of public offices
  • Meeting times of public bodies and their committees
  • Private charitable organizations and church services
  • Times and dates of special events or instructions sponsored by public bodies, charitable organizations, and churches

Information may be submitted for inclusion on the Community Board to the Village of Channahon by telephone at 815-467-6644 or fax at 815-467-9774. All information on the Channahon Community Board is subject to the review and approval of the Channahon Cable Coordinator, Village Administration, and the Channahon Corporate Authorities.