New Development Projects & Businesses

This is a page to provide information about development and new businesses coming to the Village of Channahon. Check back frequently for updates and new information. 

Approved Development Projects

The following projects have been approved for construction by the Village Board of Trustees or have applied for new business licenses in existing locations.
  1. Casey's General Store
  2. Channahon Fire Station #2 Relocation
  3. Channahon Industrial Park: Lots 12 & 13: ATS
  4. Creekside Estates Unit 2
  5. DQ
  6. O'Reilly Auto Parts
  7. Penske
  8. Penske PTCR
  9. Starbucks
  10. Tractor Supply Company
  11. Tru Country Bar & Grill

Casey's Rendering 2021NOW OPEN

Casey’s General Store has been constructing a new facility on the vacant land directly adjacent to their existing store. The new site features a larger modern store, additional fuel pumps, and a car wash. There will be no semi-truck fueling at this location.

Following opening of the new site, Casey’s will demolish the exiting location and market the property for additional commercial/retail development. 

Currently the site is awaiting the removal  and relocation of overhead power poles by ComEd to enable the completion of the driveway entrance to the facility.

Potential Development Projects

The Village of Channahon has received professional fee agreements for the following projects. A professional fee agreement allows the Village to have its staff and consultants review the project for consistency with Village planning documents and subdivision ordinances, prior to it being considered for approval by the Planning & Zoning Commission and Village Board of Trustees. All costs to the Village are charged to the proposed developer through this agreement. Some of these projects may never advance forward to the point of consideration if they are unable to meet necessary requirements.
  1. Channahon 68
  2. Chicago Logistics Hub
  3. M&I Steel Expansion
  4. QuikTrip
  5. Voss Subdivision
  6. Whispering Oaks - Unit 3

"Channahon 68" is a proposed commercial development on the 68 acres of land located at the northeast corner of US Route 6 & S. Thomas Dillon Dr. The site features a commercial anchor lot with several outlots closer to Thomas Dillon Dr. 

Channahon 68 Concept Retail Plan

On November 13, 2023 the Village of Channahon Planning & Zoning Commission conducted a public hearing on the topics of: Change of zoning to C-3 General Business, Special Use Permit for a Planned Unit Development, and approval of the preliminary plat of subdivision. All three items were recommended for approval by votes of 6-0, 5-1, 4-2 respectively.

The items will move forward to the Village Board of Trustees for discussion/approval at the November 20, 2023 Village Board Meeting; or a subsequent meeting(s) if the item is continued.