Online Reporting Definitions

Crime TipInformation about criminal activity not involving a life safety issue or in-progress.Suspected drug activity, illegal dumping, burning violations, etc.
Criminal Damage to Property Under $300Your property has been damaged without your permission.Damage to your property where you do not know who committed the act.
Fraudulent ActivityActivities associated with known scams through phone and/or email.Phone scams, phishing emails, robo-calls.
Harassing Phone CallsUnwanted phone calls of an annoying or harassing nature and you do not know the caller.Immediate hang-ups, obscene language, aggressive sales, etc.
Identity TheftSomeone using your personal identifiers, i.e. SSN, Driver’s License Number, State ID to defraud another or institution.Credit report indication or notification by mail of unsolicited credit line.
Lost PropertyWhen property is lost or missing and not believed to be stolen (FIREARMS DO NOT QUALIFY FOR ONLINE REPORTING)Property left somewhere such as a store or gas station, etc.
Suspicious ActivityUnfamiliar activity of persons or vehicles, non-criminal in nature, but cause for concern to resident.Past tense unknown visitor to a home, activity caught on camera discovered after the fact.
Traffic ComplaintMinor traffic violations.Chronic speeders, stop sign violations, illegally parked vehicles/trailers.