What will happen to the homes that are currently on wells?

Homes that are on existing wells will remain on wells as is presently the case within the Village. Should a resident currently on a well wish to connect to the Village water system, now or in the future, connection procedures and fees are found in our municipal codes at www.channahon.org. Inquiries regarding the availability of Village water and connection to the Village water system can also be addressed by calling the Public Works Department at 815-467-6644.

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1. Can we join the Regional Water Commission at a later date?
2. If the Village does not join the Regional Water Commission, what happens to the residents east of I-55 that currently receive water the Village purchases from Joliet?
3. What improvements would be made to the water system if the Village joins the Regional Water Commission (RWC)?
4. If the Village joins the Regional Water Commission, how is water allocated? Can that allocation amount be adjusted over time, or is it a limited amount?
5. In the event of a disruption in service from the Regional Water Commission, would the Village be able to use its existing wells for a water source?
6. What is the cost of joining the Regional Water Commission? What is the cost to use and treat Illinois River water?
7. What treatment and/or maintenance would the Village need to do on water from Lake Michigan?
8. Is there a possibility that experts are wrong on the timeline for the aquifers to be depleted?
9. Have all surrounding communities committed to joining the Regional Water Commission?
10. What will happen to the homes that are currently on wells?
11. If the Village joined the Regional Water Commission, when would we begin receiving Lake Michigan water? When would residents notice a change in their water rates?
12. What other advantages of using Lake Michigan as a water source are there?