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Temporary Suspension of Service ("Snowbird Status") Form

  1. The Village of Channahon offers residents the option to request temporary suspension of refuse services for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks (1 month) or longer when the home is not occupied. Please note that it is the property owner's responsibility to notify the Village of reinstatement of refuse services if needed prior to the suspension end date listed below.
    Water service accounts will continue to receive a bill on a monthly basis, minus refuse charges, during the period of temporary suspension. If at any time the Village determines there is substantial water usage indicating that the home is occupied, the residences' refuse service will be reinstated immediately. Residents are encouraged to set up a temporary forwarding address during the suspension of service.
  3. Forwarding address during temporary suspension of refuse service:
  4. Because the home will not be occupied, I hereby request the Village of Channahon put my account on temporary suspension for refuse services in accordance with the dates provided above. I understand it is my responsibility to contact/notify the Village of any changes related to the requested temporary suspension including returning early, extended stay, unexpected delays, etc. The Village must be notified no later than the Wednesday prior to your reinstatement of service in order to guarantee refuse service.
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